Physicochemical stages of evolution: the ring structures in the universe

This research is devoted to the formation of rings during the origin and evolution of planetary and satellite systems in the universe. The appearance of these structures is associated with the phenomenon of spatially-periodic condensation, which is observed in terrestrial conditions. The author, in fact, postulated the existence of exoplanet systems and the manifestation of this general phenomenon on a cosmic scale. It was predicted the existence of the rings of Uranus, Neptune and other celestial bodies. The proposed mechanism of phenomenon allows explaining Titius-Bode law, which, although not an exact law, often gives a good description of the tendency of change of the distances of the planets and their moons from the central body. The possibility to perform this law in exoplanet systems was predicted by the author long before their discovery. Recently many exoplanet systems were discovered and there is evidence that the spatially-periodic mechanism of condensation exists in the formation of ring structures in these systems. Our hypothesis becomes the theory or the fact. One gets the impression that we are on the threshold of the appearance of the new expanded cosmology, which takes into account the general physicochemical mechanisms of formation of space objects.






Cirrus clouds

Counter flows of cold and warm air determine the structure of clouds 



Lenticular clouds

The shape and features of the Earth's surface

determine the structure of clouds 




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