Life as a self-defending process

Abiotic development and primary life evolved on the young Earth (or on the celestial bodies). These processes are still produced today. However, the existing life protects itself and prevents the development of own primary forms. This is the self-defending property of life. Origin, development and the preservation of life is controlled by the hierarchical thermodynamics of complex systems.


Primary molecules (building blocks) appear throughout the life of Earth (as well as other celestial bodies) in areas of high temperature and high energy impacts: the emergence of lava, in places of electrical discharges, as well as in areas of actions of light and others energy sources.



Volcano in Chile



In areas of relatively low temperatures, these simple molecules are transformed into more complex molecules. Next, on the surface of solids (mineral particles) in the presence of water the fragments of nucleic acids are formed. Nucleic acids are replicated and are surrounded by other molecules. As a result of this biological structures arise.




Life in hot water


These structures are transformed in the framework of possible changes in DNA. This all happens in the conditions of existence of liquid water. Living systems (organisms) do not allow the simplest living systems to develop and evolve. These young life forms, as a rule, are used as food in developing organisms. Thus, life protects itself and prevents the appearance of new forms. Life exists within the thermodynamic possibilities of DNA. These possibilities are limited by the action of hierarchical thermodynamics. Life is governed using the generalized equation of first and second laws of thermodynamics - the generalized equation Gibbs thermodynamics of complex systems.

It can be argued that abiotic molecular and supramolecular structures and living primary structures arose on the early Earth in all areas of the planet (or on others space bodies), where this allows hierarchical thermodynamics.

Primary forms of life arise and now, however they are destroyed under the action of higher forms of organisms or oxidized by oxygen or other reagents, which are products produced by living organisms*. It is interesting to find special places the emergence of life. However first of all, this question has a cognitive value. This search is a similar to search of "the elixir of youth". The molecular and supramolecular transformations and the development of primary life, as natural changes, started to occur in many areas across the planet. After the appearance of DNA, RNA, peptides, sugars, lipids, and other ingredients, life   actively arises from living matter. Thus life conquers the entire planet.



Modern stromatolites in Shark Bay, Australia

(Modern and ancient stromatolites have similar shapes)


*Primary life forms can be thermodynamically stable structures as microemulsions.