Science is not omnipotent

Science is not omnipotent

Gladyshev G.P.

Article abstract 

Science is not able to answer questions that cannot be experimentally verified. For example, the questions: “what happened before the big bang?”, “why are there precisely those general laws of nature that act in our world?” do not have an answer. The issue of God, the Creator, who allegedly created life, occupies a special place. Many believers give a positive answer to this question. However, this raises the following question: "who created God ?" A series of such questions can go on indefinitely without an answer. Science tries to give answers to questions of the origin of the universe and the origin of life and often successfully only gives information regarding events observed in certain intervals of the dimensions of space and the time of the existence of the “world unknown to us”. From the standpoint of the law of conservation of energy, it is possible to assume that “space” and “time” have always existed in the past, and will always exist.

Science does not allow us to look into the infinitely distant past and into the future beyond its possibility.

Keywords: science, God, the universe, life, space, time

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The God Book, Michael Arnheim, 2015, p. 18.

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